Utilizing state of the art photo, video, and audio capture techniques, Restore Your Memories can ensure your heirloom keepsakes are preserved for generations to come!

Restoring Your Memories…One Picture At A Time.

Allow us to take your box of any brand of tapes, photos, film reels and audio and convert them into masterpieces for generations to come. Each piece will be hand-digitized in our state-of-the-art facility, and conveniently converted to digital, DVD, or the cloud.

Photo Keepsake

Photographs are usually the first victims of age as they frequently lose color and get rips and tears as time passes. We can help restore these gems to their original glory.


Still have those old negatives in their envelopes from the 80’s? Convert them into something your grandchildren will want to keep for years to come!

35mm Slides

We can take boxes of cumbersome slides and make them into a memorable video to share at your next family reunion.


Preserve all of your memories for generations to come by restoring all of your film and photographs to better-than-original quality.


Don’t whip out that old Mini-DV Recorder and plug it into a TV to play your memories from the past. ┬áHave them converted to digital media to share with family near and far!

Audio Cassettes

Cassette tapes were a cheap and easy way to store low quality audio, however the tape has likely degraded over time, making it hard to enjoy them now.

Audio Reel To Reel

Many of our customers have inherited these Audio Reels from the past, but have no way to play the auto back! Preserve them for years to come by converting to digital quality.

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We use state of the art equipment and procedures to capture your memories into heirloom keepsakes.

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Make Your Next Family Reunion A Home Run

Al digitized my 8mm video stash and it’s the best job ever! Thanks to him my kids love me again.

Ray Yetter

Al has some of the best equipment in the area to do video conversions, and the fact that I could meet him in person to deliver our tapes was a bonus!

L. Bowman

Al has converted 37 boxes of film reels from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s for our family, and we no longer have to fight over them!

Bea Solomon

The photo keepsake Al did made our family reunion amazing! We can’t thank him enough!

Chris Wilson

Restore Your Memories is the ideal way to properly restore and preserve your old analog film, movie and audio clips making them accessible for generations of enjoyment.”

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Common Questions

How Does It Work?

We start by not shipping your memories to a lab someone across the country. We process everything in house in our own lab. We take your film, tapes and audio cassettes and reels and digitize them. We take your old media and restore it to todays standards. Call Albert for details at 586-909-6707 or email @ alornelas@comcast.net

What Can I Digitize?

International conversion of any media

Film reel 8mm and 16mm



8mm video cassette

3 and a quarter pneumatic tape

Micro cassette

Audio Reel

Photo Slides and Negatives including photo retouching

Photo Albums

How Long Does Restoration Take?

Restoration of tapes run in real time. A two hour tape takes two hours to restore.

What Do I Get Back?

We never keep your original media. We return that to you. You have multiple options on how we can give you your new media.



Restore Your Memories has over 15 years worth of experience digitizing memories.


Bringing your content to us removes the complication of it getting lost or damaged in the mail.


Restore Your Memories creates a giftable and unique way to share history with others in the family, as well as generations to come.

Al has over 15 years of experience with photo restoration, video work, and audio transfer. His trustworthyness and professionalism make him an easy referral!

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