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We take your Audio Reels and convert them to either USB or CD. Transferring old audio reel to reels can be a bit tricky. There is no way to know want is on the tapes without listening to them or transferring them, and most people lack the technology and/or the expertise to even play them back!

It’s our business to transfer old audio to a format you can use and that is archival in quality. We have found that many of these old audio tapes are gems! Imagine hearing your mother sing, or your parents exchanging talking letters. Maybe your tapes contain family gatherings or other types of personal programs.

The pricing is as follows: We charge $18.50 for a regular straight transfer per Audio CD that is filled up by your audio content. Even one of the small three inch reels can hold several hours of audio so we will not know how many CDs that your audio will need, thus we probably won’t know the exact cost of your audio transfer project until after we have finished it. The exception to this is if you know the length of your reel or reels. So for a regular transfer to CD we charge $18.50 per 74 minutes to a CD.

Additionally, we now can process and encode your audio reels to mp3 digital files or any other format and place them in a flash drive. With a flash drive, you can listen your audio file in a computer or TV by placing the flash drive in a USB port.


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